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Lord of the Flies (2022)

In the spring of 2022, I got the opportunity to Direct Lord of the Flies at The Boston Conservatory. I wanted to put my own spin on this story because what Golding alludes to in his 1954 novel still rings true today: We are a nation over-run by the male point of view, if we are unable to listen to each other and value all perspectives, our world will burn. I decided to restructure this story as a modern folk horror tale. 

"The thing is- fear can't hurt you any more than a dream" -William Golding

Directing reel (2020-2021)

My earlier directing work was extremely experimental. During the pandemic, my community was uncertain and afraid. Because of this, I felt compelled to create joyful, disorienting, and chaotic theatre. I wanted to reflect the confusion people were feeling, but also tell stories that would bring people joy in a time of great fear. 

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